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As the consumer financing market has been growing rapidly over the past few years, Chailease Finance Co., LTD. set up Chailease Consumer Finance Co., Ltd.(CCFC) to cater to the market in 2000. After all these years of growth, CCFC has not just been pursuing the revenue and profitability but also strengthening customers’ credit management and vendors’ risk assessment, so as to functionally manage the risk and seek more reliable profit-making sources.


Since installment payments have become one of preferred payment options for individual consumers, CCFC has expanded its variety of purchase alternatives to durable goods from a simple product line of the early stage. Meanwhile, it has utilized quantitative models and statistical tools to assess such cases as adopting quantitative risk management module to ensure credit operation efficiency and asset quality.

During all these years, CCFC has been accumulating, extensive experience and the impetus to face future tougher challenges. By continuously raising service quality and operation efficiency and with Chailease’s spirit of “ Service with Passion ”, CCFC will be able to become a leader in the market and achieve its vision of “ the best-performing company that gains the highest consumer’s recognition in the consumer finance sector in Taiwan ”.